Swimming Pool Liners

Liner replacement
You’ve already made the right choice, Choosing Palmtree pools to replace your liner.

First we drain the pool and remove the old liner, now were down to the swimming pools shell.
The next step is to custom measure the swimming pool so your new liner fits like a glove, with this process we take appox 100 measurments.
Now the liner has been ordered our preparation stage starts.
First we remove all old tape and gaskets off the pool walls, then we sand the swimming pool steel wall panels till there smooth to the touch.
Then we silicone under the coping and wide gaps between the steel panels .(if needed)
We repair minor cracks, chips or rough areas on the swimming pool soft bottom coat
Now its time to install the new liner.
Once the swimming pool has been sprayed down and all debris removed the liner gets installed
When the liner is hung in place we install vinyl vacuums that draw all air from under the liner to prevent any wrinkling while the pool fills.(note) these vacuums need to run on a 24 hour cycle until there is 2ft of water in the shallow end. Then they can be turned off by the home owner and continue to fill the pool till the water level reaches half way up the skimmer.
Once the pool is full we return and install all faceplates and start up the pool.
Note aggressive water chemistry can cause fading and wrinkling of your new pool liner so make sure your getting your water tested weekly.

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