Concrete Sealing

Concrete Sealers: We can provide a curing, sealing, hardening, dust proof, and bonding option to your concrete problems. Ashford is an easily applied, colorless mechanically sealing liquid that can improve the life and appearance of any concrete. It also inhibits freeze/thaw damage in concrete. It helps to resist the moisture extending the life of your concrete floor.

Acetone Staining: Acetone based stains and dyes are a great way to accent any concrete around cement-scaped areas, restaurants, stores, outdoor malls or any place color is desired. The acetone stains come in a wide selection of  colors that are all natural occurring colors (earth tones) which can provide an accent or camouflaging effect for concrete in natural settings.

Polish Concrete Floor System: A revolutionary PERMANENT process for floor restoration. Worn out concrete is mechanically resurfaced, chemically hardened and polished to a permanent glossy finish.

Concrete Patching: From self-leveling cement-filling toppings to metal impregnated epoxy toppings, we can match the patch to accommodate your level of abuse.

Joint and Crack Repair: Dust free grinding and two part epoxy fillers give long lasting remediation for failing joint and non-moving cracks.

Epoxy or Urethane Coating:
Chemical resistant toppings, decorative finishes, antistatic surfaces.

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